Sarah Langenhoff

Hi I am Sarah! I grew up on a farm east of high river where we worked hard but also experienced the joy of growing up rural.

I started real estate 16 years ago which has proved to be an amazing choice. I absolutely love getting to be a part of the new beginning as well as the next chapters of peoples journeys and the friends made along the way.

After Jesse and I were married we took on a purebred black angus cattle operation Heinz Cattle Company. I have immensely enjoyed learning and continuing to learn all that this business offers. As well as the cross over that happens between both the businesses. Our kids play an active role in helping although that might be a little easier once they are older. Ila is my main tag reader/gate opener and general good company. Holden is my cfia button loader and alley pusher! We also spend as much time as we can moving cattle on horse back which has become a family event. When we aren’t busy with cattle or real estate (which is very rare) we enjoy taking the kids on adventures to different parts of Alberta even if that just means a road trip to check cows and a quick swim at little bow.

I am always up for a chat if you have any questions. I look forward to helping you in the future!

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